Why B2B Wholesale Platform Solutions Are Replacing Print Catalogs

Here are top 3 reasons why businesses and brands should move towards a b2b wholesale platform solution for their digital catalog needs!

 For decades, the b2b businesses have used print catalogs to promote their products and services. The customers and potential buyers received these catalogs via postal service mail and they saw all the company’s products, prices, descriptions, photos, and etc. The print catalogs were a great and quite effective sales and marketing tool.

Today, the customers do most of their shopping online and the b2b market is predicted to grow to $1.2 trillion by 2021. As a matter of fact, the b2b ecommerce market is predicted to grow to twice the size of b2c market by 2020.

This has forced b2b businesses to reconsider their strategy. Here are top 3 reasons why businesses and brands should move towards a b2b wholesale platform solution for their digital catalog needs:

  1. The print catalogs are high-priced to produce and distribute – The costs related to design, print, and distribute a print catalog can vary significantly. For a business with a small number of items and limited distribution, these costs are super expensive. Creating and delivering a physical catalog can be pricey. If a last-minute correction is required, it can drive up printing costs significantly. Our advice to businesses is to undertake a calculation of your ROI from print catalogs.
  2. Digital catalogs offer greater flexibility to make changes and updates – If a digital catalog is done well, it can offer your buyers an access to your most up-to-date product information. Listing your items via a b2b ecommerce portal online catalog allows you to adopt active products, availability, and other important information in real time. The buyers can access this information without leaving the page.
  3. Gain insights and important information from your customers’ behavior – By using an online catalog, you will be able to acquire information about your customers’ activity. You can identify which products are viewed the most, bought the most, how long your customers are spending on each page, and etc. This improved ability to understand the interactions between buyers and their overall shopping behavior is invaluable. This information allows your sales, design, and marketing team to discover what is working for your business and what’s not so much.

Find a suitable b2b wholesale platform and take the first step towards providing your customers an amazing b2b customer experience.


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