How to Optimize Your B2B Ecommerce Solution

Read this article and discover how to optimize your b2b ecommerce solution and provide your customers a better shopping experience!

 The right b2b ecommerce platform gives you the opportunity to generate more customers, sales, and revenues as possible. You need a quality user experience to accomplish this goal. If you are looking to update, change or optimize your b2b ecommerce solution, here are a couple of features that can help you out:

    • Process Automation – Do you know how much time you spend on processes that don’t require a lot of effort or brainpower? If you are stuck on low-skill tasks, you should do something as that is an easy way to tank your productivity. You need to look for a b2b ecommerce solution that simplifies the daily processes including content updates, payment processing, and email sign-ups. By doing so, you will have more free time and you can focus on boosting your b2b sales and revenues.
    • Third-party Integration – Sometimes, even the best B2B ecommerce solutions can’t deal with every feature that is on your wishlist. We recommend you to look for a platform with a third-party integration. You can bring in the apps you are already using or applications that complement your b2b ecommerce platform just perfectly.

  • Comprehensive Tutorials – Knowledge is power and this is especially true when your team starts learning a new platform. Any app has a learning curve. While traditional training lessons help, you need a platform that offers self-learning tools and features to act as reminders.
  • Mobile Optimization – Smartphones and tablets are great devices for doing research, checking emails, and etc. Your customers don’t want to get imbedded into a specific device to access your b2b store. The customers want a website that works properly on their mobile phones when they are ready to make a purchase. You should know that mobile optimization goes beyond a design that is 100% responsive. The optimized experience considers what mobile users want to see or experience when they go to your b2b ecommerce store. For example, you may need a simplified font, a menu, or a center contact information to meet your potential client’s expectations.

A lot of factors go into choosing or optimizing your b2b ecommerce solution. By considering the user experience for your visitors, potential buyers, and your team, you can choose a software that has a strong potential to reach your new goals.

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