Five Functions of The Perfect B2B Ecommerce Solution

Looking for the right b2b ecommerce solution? Look no further and consider these five functions of the best wholesale ecommerce solutions out there!


The sales potential of your wholesale businesses depends on the type of b2b ecommerce solution you choose. A customer’s shopping experience can be as good as the platform supporting it. In order to navigate the road ahead, here are five functions every perfect b2b ecommerce solution should offer:

  • Multi-channel data syncing – The online buyers today don’t walk into a store expecting to purchase. The shoppers go from device to device and from channel to channel. Their research items before stepping inside. The potential buyers are out there, analyzing, watching, waiting, and listening, before you even know they exist. Selling on multiple marketplaces, platforms, and channels is easy until you consider all logistical headaches. You probably want to sell on social channels, on mobile, and different marketplaces and that is why you need to invest in a solution that integrated both b2c and b2b.
  • Content marketing capabilities – Content plays a huge role today. It significantly increases brand awareness and recognition. The potential customers look for names they recognize when decided what to purchase and where to go. When choosing a b2b ecommerce solution, it is important to include the proper tools that allow content creation. This could be anything from in-depth content tools to video-based hosting.
  • Client support integration – Waiting for more than 5 minutes to get back to a customer can lower your chances of becoming a successful seller. You need a solution that will allow you to respond instantly. For example, the buyers can get direct notifications and answers via email, providing further transparency. You need to make sure your platform allows for diverse client support integrations.
  • Mobile optimization – It has been confirmed that most people browse the internet, go through various websites and, and search on mobile devices than desktops. Having a mobile-friendly website is very important. The checkout process should be easier. The multi-step forms need to be removed completely. The b2b ecommerce platform should integrate with credit card payments and mobile gateways such as Amazon Pay, PayPal, Apple Pay, and others so customers can buy within a few slicks.
  • Flexible pricing – The wholesale buyers come in different shapes and sizes. This is where most b2c ecommerce solutions fail. You need to look for a platform that helps you set maximum, minimum, and quantity increments per product, create multiple price lists for fixed or volume discounts, establish minimum purchase amounts per customer, integrate loyalty and reward programs, and etc.

Make the right choice!


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