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How to Find a Great E-commerce Platform for Ordering?

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B2B e-commerce is becoming popular every day. A study carried out by Accenture showed that about 84% of B2Bcompanies provide ways for their clients in which they can make online orders, only 14% are the ones who don’t offer any B2B e-commerce option.

Have you invested in B2B e-commerce technology? If not, then it’s high time you did so. How do you find the best b2b e-commerce platform for your business? Listed below are a few tips, considerations and features to ponder about.

Direct versus marketplace

One important consideration that you have to make is whether you want to wholly invest in a marketplace strategy or direct B2B e-commerce strategy. The determining factor of how your business will make online sales is whether you choose direct strategy or marketplace strategy.

The direct strategy has its portal that can be accessed directly by retailers. This model offers you a lot of control over branding, messaging and the overall user experience. The direct strategy can also be designed in such a way that it suits the needs of the customer.

The marketplace strategy entails setting up a shop with other brands giving customers the chance to shop in an online marketplace such as Amazon.

One advantage of the market model is the ability for brands to reach the end of the line with fewer difficulties involved in servicing customers with lower yields. Besides, most brands will have to deal with an increase in competition.

Direct model is an excellent choice for brands which want to focus on high value, lasting relationships with other customers or retailers who frequently reorder items. It’s vital to look for a business to business e-commerce platform which allows you to sell to your clients and provide customized experiences directly.

Why Magento and Shopify aren’t the best choices

The first instinct of many companies looking for a B2B e-commerce platform is to approach B2C vendors like magento and Shopify. Initially, magneto and Shopify were not designed to handle transactions like B2B.

Many companies prefer redesigning these B2C models with the same functionality of B2B e-commerce. Redesigning is quite expensive. It will cost you a lot of time and money, and it’s also hard to maintain. You will be forced to employ developers who can build customizations but If your team doesn’t have any experience in software development manning such a project can be quite a hard task.

Features of an e-commerce platform

  • A personalized experience

It’s essential to provide your retailers with an online experience which is designed to meet their needs. For example, does your business to business allow you to display specific pricing for customers?

  • Mobile access

The use of smartphones has increased overtime and people have become more addicted to them. Giving your clients another option of ordering through their mobile phones other than their computers allows them to order online from anywhere anytime.  You can look for an e-commerce platform which offers a more advanced mobile application.

  • Ability to duplicate past orders

With time your customers will mostly be placing reorders with you. It’s necessary for you to give them the chance of doubling previous orders. Before your clients finalize their online orders, it’s required to include essential details at check out like payment terms, ship dates, ship via information, cancel dates or any other relevant information.


With numerous options in e-commerce platforms, it becomes hard for merchants to explore and research each one of them and compare their advantages and disadvantages. Requirements of the business determine the choice to use a specific platform.


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